Protecting Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are often so abused, overbred and treated horribly. There are so many in shelters who never make it out because they were never given the nurturing they deserve. They are smart and generally love to please their people.

Not all pit bulls come from dog fighting, but we must take great care to protect them. They are loyal til death and sometimes that makes it tough to walk them or let anyone in the house. Many people give up on them without trying to help them overcome their struggles. They can be a lot of dog but will steal your heart and worth every minute.

Penny would like to remind you that it is never too late to begin training. We don’t know her past before she was adopted. She has a great family who religiously dedicates themselves to helping her overcome her challenges and be her best. It is paying off! The unknown past before meeting her family is slowly drifting further and further away and her true brilliance is shining through. She is a doll and shines during and after every session. Show them how it’s done sweet girl.