Enrichment Idea Thursdays Presents: Pupsicle Cups

I’m all about sharing ways for busy dog owners to make and prepare enrichment recipes and ideas in advance. Enrichment helps keep your dog stimulated and entertained! Today’s enrichment idea: Pupsicle Cups!

Follow the recipe below and remember to follow this safety advice:

Remove when finished. Please don’t allow them to chew plastic. If pup begins to chew the cup, trade for treat and hold the cup to encourage licking if your dog is safe to do that with. Set them up on the couch next to you while holding the cup so they lick instead of chew.

  • Recycled yogurt or condiment tupperwares
  • Coconut water
  • Peanut butter
  • Goats milk yogurt
  • Lamb lung dust from bottom of a bag
  • Freeze