Footbath Training – No more mucky paws!

If you have a dog that has yeasty paws or you would like to sanitize your pup’s feet before they come inside the house, this is how you begin to train a footbath. Follow the steps below to get those doggy toes squeaky clean.

  1. Start with a low container that all 4 paws can fit in and the dog can easily step into. I am using a rubber water bowl mat. Lay a dry towel inside.
  2. Count out 10-20 tiny treats or use meal kibble.
  3. Lay down the foot bath and click or “YISS!” when the pup looks at it.
  4. Toss treat away and let them reorient to look at it. Repeat a few times for just looking at the bath.
  5. Slowly increase your expectations without helping or prompting your pup. Repeat about 3-4 times before waiting for them to offer a little more behaviors. They may get a little frustrated but wait few seconds for them to offer a little more… be patient. Remain quiet while looking at the footbath.
  6. Stop and take a break when your 20 treats run out, even if you haven’t advanced to the next step. Remove mat and put away. Later try again by replacing mat in same location and repeat steps beginning with the 1st criteria on the following list:
  • A: Looks at foot bath
  • B: Sniffs foot bath
  • C: Touches with paw intentionally or unintentionally
  • D: Steps into foot bath with 2 paws
  • E: Steps in with 3 paws
  • F: All 4 paws? High praise and drop treats into the bath
  • G: Once all 4 paws are in comfortably, reach out to me to show you the next steps